How it started

Acquiring and developing a unique and serene place like Five Apple Farm has been the desire of Gary and Angie Hewins for nearly 30 years. Through a series of “providential” events, our 21 acres of land and our “main house” were acquired in 2017. After purchasing a mobile sawmill, many pine trees on the property were milled into posts, beams and siding for our cottages, event barn and main house.

The dream becomes a reality

The dream became a reality when our first guests settled into our brand-new cluster of cottages. Once we heard the sounds of laughter at the fire pit and read the glowing reviews of our now relaxed guests, we knew we were headed in the right direction. Those who visit nearly always comment on the ideal, private location, the calm they experience here and the well-appointed facilities and amenities.

Five Apple Farm is for more than just vacationing

Five Apple Farm is a special place. The farm is not only used for vacationing but also as a home to weddings, conferences, seminars, workshops and much more. Many who have visited often return with friends and family to laugh, rest, decompress and connect with one another. The mountains are calling you to relax and rest. Join the Five Apple family of guests who know first-hand what it is like to enjoy the vitality of a Highlands spring, the cool refreshing breezes of summer, the splendid colorful fall and the calming effect of a Highlands mountain snowfall. We await your arrival, excited that you too will thoroughly enjoy a well-deserved rest on this visually beautiful farm.